Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range

Everything You Need To Know About Radar Detectors

Features of Uniden R3 Long Range Radar


If you are the person who loves speed and being on the dangerous side of the traffic laws then Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range Radar is your best bet to avoid a violation ticket for speeding. Choosing the best radar has always been a challenge since critical aspects such as effectiveness and efficiency have to be considered. As a result of the above aspects, the radar enables the driver to get the alert before the incident occur since it is not beneficial to get the warning five minutes later. With the evolving technology, car radar comes with many features that in some instances may or may not complicate its objectives.


The Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range Radar Laser Detector comes with various features that make it possible to meet the user expectations. For instance, some of the features of Unden R3 Extreme Long Ranger Laser is the OLED screen, Auto-mute function, presence of two windshield mounts, has digitalized signal proce ssor, has camera alerts for red lights, carrying case and complimentary instruction manual as well as 12 volts power cable comprising of the USB data port. Some of the notable features that give the radar a competitive edge is: it rarely gives false alerts, it is user friendly due to its simple set up, it has high-level sensitivity, has customizable sounds alert, 90% of time works quietly, it always gives alert ahead of time, lightweight, compact, easy to remove from mount and the more it used more accurate it becomes.


However, despite the effectiveness that comes with the equipment, it has its own challenges such as some buttons get stuck after pressing few times, its impossible to set in a horizontal position, accessories are of low quality, mute and dim buttons do not operate when dark and it has no outlearning systems.

In conclusion, the uniden r3 extreme long range Radar is highly sensitive. It is also user-friendly making it convenient to master the control. Also, its compact size makes it the best option for putting in a windshield for faster acc ess and viewing.